Ambler, Pa.-based manufacturer Allergy Technologies has donated more than 2,500 ActiveGuard Mattress Liners nationwide in 2020.

The liners are valued at more than $200,000. The donations were directed to shelters, schools, affordable housing and short-term lodging accommodations for families of cancer patients to prevent bed bug infestations.

“Part of our Philanprofit mission is to ensure we give back a meaningful portion of what we receive through the sale of ActiveGuard,” said Allergy Technologies’ founder, Gus Carey. “Our product protects people and improves lives, so it is important that organizations that may not be able to afford or fully fund an ActiveGuard-based program have access to this innovative technology, which controls and prevents bed bugs and house dust mites. These programs greatly improve the quality of life for residents.”

Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey was one of the recipients of the ActiveGuard Mattress Liners. “Your donation helps us to continue with our mission of offering Hope, Help and Home,” said Jennifer French, the president and CEO of the  Camden, N.J.-based organization. “We are committed to providing clean and healthy family-centered spaces for families to rest and recharge. Thank you for being part of the team that makes this possible.”

ActiveGuard Mattress Liners, available in four different sizes, work to provide long-term prevention of bed bugs and house dust mites in or on mattresses and box springs for up to two years.

“We work with many pest management professionals and organizations who share our commitment to community, and often have the opportunity to partner on donations,” said Allergy Technologies’ President Joseph Latino. “Providing liners at no cost to organizations that desperately need bed bug prevention and control is simply the right thing to do.”