Bayer – Tim Peeling With Pest Best Product Award Certificate 410x 291

Tim Peeling, Bayer’s product manager, said the company was extremely honoured for the nomination for this award and thankful to everyone who voted for it; and he is delighted the product has been recognised with this award.

“It’s a fantastic achievement and something that couldn’t have been achieved without the input and support of pest controllers,” he said.

“It is an honour to win this award, especially as it was voted for by the pest controllers themselves. Products such as this come about as a result of a truly global team effort, from chemists and scientists to people with boots on the ground, so it is an incredible achievement right across the board.”

The formulation of Bayer’s K-Othrine Partix is an has advanced particle technology, which makes the particle size larger, meaning the bioavailability of the insecticide on any surface is improved and it delivers longer residual properties and enhanced results. 

Mr Peeling added: “One of the most unique things about K-Othrine Partix is that it has undergone the new biocide registration which means that it will be with us for many years to come.

“One of the main advantages of K-Othrine Partix is the long residuality of the insecticide – up to 12 weeks. The product remains active for this long due to the formulation and the small amount of wax within the product which protects the large particles.

Published: 21 October 2020