ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Fox Pest Control and DaMore Lawn and Landscape teamed up to offer free landscaping and pest control services, spending a Saturday (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) to help Donna Diekmeier, a Penfield resident.  

More than 25 employees volunteered their Saturday morning to lay 8 yards of fresh mulch, trimmed bushes and trees, fix holes in the foundation, and plant various flowers and shrubs. These costs are quoted at $9,725 but offered at no charge. Fox Pest Control plans to treat Diekmeier’s house as well, which normally retails around $140 per quarter.

Zach Ruliffson, a service technician for Fox Pest Control, met Diekmeier during her quarterly extermination service. To sufficiently treat homes, vegetation should be 6 feet away from the foundation. After seeing the state of her yard and understanding her financial situation and age, Ruliffson contacted his team members and a fellow landscaping company to help out. 

“This is a great opportunity to help someone in need for assistance,” said Brian Gorton, a Technician at Fox Pest Control. “We will set her up to feel a little better about how her home looks, as well as alleviating her mind of one more thing from her to do list during the time period we are going through this year.”

Johnny DaMore, owner of DaMore Lawn and Landscape plans to continue providing volunteer service throughout the year, offering snow removal in the winter and upkeep throughout the year. 

A group of Fox salesmen and their wives accompanied the group to provide lunch for all the helpers, including Diekmeier.