Treatment Report

Available to BPCA members only, the new template was written following requests from pest technicians who wanted guidance on the best information to include in a treatment report.

Put together by BPCA’s technical team, the template is designed to help pest controllers feel confident that they have provided all the necessary information to the customer upon completing a treatment, including steps taken to assess risks and what pesticides (if any) were used.

BPCA said it’s important to note that this template is not something that is mandatory for members to use; it is up to you which format or template is suitable for you. This, the association said, is simply for reference and use if needed.

Natalie Bungay, BPCA’s technical and compliance officer, said: “We’re always looking for ways to help our members and the best way to write a treatment report was something that came up in conversation a number of times. 

“Hopefully, using this template, members can be sure that they have fulfilled their obligation to their customer and provided an honest, transparent service.”

Published: 13 July 2020