MEMPHIS, Tenn. – As the weather warms up and communities across the country prepare to spend more time outside, the threat of outdoor pests doesn’t have to put a damper on those plans. TruGreen released its 2020 list of cities most bothered by bugs.

Compiled from 2019 customer data, this year’s list also includes the increased percentage in services provided compared to the previous year. While July remained the month for peak infestation for a second consecutive year, residents are taking steps now to ensure their outdoor experience is both enjoyable and safe. 

1. New York, NY (15 percent increase)

2. Boston, MA (10 percent increase)

3. Chicago, IL (30 percent increase)

4. Atlanta, GA (18 percent increase)

5. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (20 percent increase)

6. Detroit, MI (20 percent increase)

7. Washington, DC (20 percent increase)

8. Philadelphia, PA (24 percent increase)

9. Hartford-New Haven, CT (5 percent increase)

10. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN (29 percent increase)

“As we spend more time home and temperatures begin to rise, families are looking to get outdoors.  This much anticipated warmer weather will also undoubtedly bring the arrival of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks,” said John Bell, board-certified entomologist at TruGreen. “Our hope is that by making cities and states aware, we can combat these pests, and the diseases they carry, before they become a bigger problem during peak months. Our TruGreen Mosquito Control and TruShield Flea and Tick Control provides a multi-pronged approach – selection, prevention, management and treatment – to protect against pests so you can enjoy life outside, bug-free.”

TruGreen further examined the customer data to identify the top 10 markets affected by ticks and mosquitoes:


1. New York, NY

2. Boston, MA

3. Hartford-New Haven, CT

4. Philadelphia, PA

5. Providence-New Bedford, RI

6. Portland-Auburn, ME 

7. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY

8. Detroit, MI

9. Pittsburgh, PA

10. Buffalo, NY


1. Chicago, IL

2. New York, NY

3. Boston, MA

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

6. Detroit, MI

7. Washington, DC

8. Philadelphia, PA

9. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

10. Hartford-New Haven, CT