LOGO: NJ PEST CONTROLBased in Randolph, N.J. and founded in 2001, NJ Wildlife and Pest Control is the first pest management firm to achieve QualityPro’s new Public Health in Rodents certification.

The QualityPro Public Health certification program equips companies with the resources to build science-based, effective and commercially viable services, ensuring their certified technicians have the knowledge to perform these services through training and testing.

In addition, NJ Wildlife and Pest Control’s father-and-son duo, Russ and Zack Sieb, earned the new Public Health of Entomology (PHE) certificate offered by the Entomological Society of America. To achieve this recognition, a news release notes, “applicants must pass an examination that includes basic entomology, insect identification, life cycles, and control measures. They must also demonstrate a wide range of knowledge regarding the health impacts of pests, ecological principles, and environmental impacts of pest control, along with integrated pest management, technology, and health and safety issues. Selected recipients must also have expertise in pesticide resources, organizations, and industry associations, as well as its laws and regulations.”

“Becoming the first company nationwide to earn the QualityPro Public Health Rodent designation and the PHE was significant, because we strive to offer consumers the best in pest management,” the news release quotes Russ — a Gulf War U.S. Navy veteran and owner of the firm, whose industry credentials after his name now include ACE, CWCP and PHE. “We are very proud of the work we’ve accomplished and the knowledge achieved to earn these designations, which offer consumers solid proof of the thoroughness and quality of our company’s services.”