PestWest recently introduced its latest innovation, flyDetect®; a 24/7 fly control remote monitoring system. The fly trap has a built-in wide-angle camera, which takes a high-resolution image of the entire sticky board daily or on demand.

Using the latest data capture and analysis technology, the flyDetect® system alerts the pest control professional either via the dedicated flyDetect® mobile app or the web-based app when a fly capture threshold is reached. Capture thresholds can be tailored to the sensitivity of the situation in which the flyDetect® is being used. The alerts are based on a traffic light system of green, amber and red.

flyDetect® images can also be reviewed in high resolution, allowing the pest control professional to make informed and proactive decisions in real-time when a threshold alert has been triggered.

Fred Hurstel, sales director for PestWest said, “We are very excited to be launching flyDetect®. It has been years in the making and the first of its kind in the pest control industry. Many industries that have highly sensitive areas such as food, packaging, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries will be amazed with the new technology.”

In February 2020, flyDetect® was placed into a Sheffield hospital as a field test. Gary Scatchard, the account manager who installed the trap and monitored it over three months commented; “My initial thoughts on the flyDetect® was that the product has been made with an excellent use of technology, which makes the use of remote monitoring possible. It appeared that the unit would have significant potential for the industry, modernizing the way we carry out insect monitoring.”

Scatchard also added, “The benefit to the pest control business allows for early identification of potential flying insect problems and this then ensures only necessary visits to site are carried out. This then results in a more proactive pest management system for the client, resulting in a higher quality service, in areas where zero tolerance of insects is required. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, due to having limited access to areas within the hospital grounds, flyDetect® has helped pest control enormously. These units are allowing us to still monitor sites remotely and, if required, to plan a treatment according to government guidelines and correct working practices during the outbreak. In turn, the units help protect our members of staff from going on site and it also minimizes their contact with NHS staff.”

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