FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — The Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) held its Jeffrey M. Johnson Memorial ACE Prep Course and Exam on June 18 and 19, in Lynchburg, Va. Four PMPs earned their ACE designation at the conclusion of this event! Congratulations to Vern Davis, Terminix-Tidewater; Jon Furdek, Accel Pest & Termite Control; Shannon Harlow-Ellis, National Exterminating Co., Inc.; and Justin Kendall, Pestmaster Services.

“The ACE designation is an honor earned by technicians that recognizes their years of experience and accumulated knowledge. It sets them apart as an elite group of pest management problem solvers,” said VPMA President Rhonda Elmore.

VPMA’s program is named after past-president, the late Jeff Johnson. Johnson earned his ACE in July 2010 and made it his priority as he began his term as VPMA President to double the number of ACEs in Virginia. During his two-year term, VPMA helped 16 PMPs earn their ACE designations through the VPMA Prep Course and proctored exams, far surpassing his goal!

 The ACE program is designed to benefit the practicing pest control professional. You do not need an advanced degree to participate, just a solid grasp of the practical aspects of applied entomology. To be eligible to apply for the ACE program, you must hold a current pesticide applicators’ license issued in the U.S., have a minimum of 7 years of verifiable pest management experience, and must take and pass a test of knowledge of structural pest control.

 VPMA holds the Jeffrey M. Johnson Memorial ACE Prep Course and Exam each spring. The VPMA Prep Course, taught by Dr. Dini Miller of Virginia Tech and David Moore, BCE, Dodson Pest Control, reviews each of the elements that may be covered on the exam. This course reinforces your knowledge and gives you the opportunity to clarify information you need help with. VPMA recommends individuals begin self-study approximately 6 months before taking the ACE exam. The VPMA Prep course can be a good way to kick-off your preparation, but is usually taken as a final refresher just prior to taking the exam. Individuals must make application to ESA 30 days prior to taking the exam.

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