Rentokil – Pest Connect Technician With Customer

Using infrared beams and sensor technology, PestConnect devices send an alert to the Rentokil Command Centre as soon as the device detects activity to ensure a rapid response. Once triggered, the Rentokil specialist will respond to the exact location of the problem. 

John Myers, Rentokil’s president and chief executive, said: “Ineffective pest control costs businesses millions of dollars each year. 

“By combining the power of technology and data with expert pest control, PestConnect is more responsive, efficient and effective. Plus, it’s an ideal, reduced-contact solution for businesses facing new challenges in the age of COVID-19.”

With an increased awareness of hygiene and safety during the time of COVID-19, Mrs Myers said the PestConnect technology allows specialists to limit contact in the facility and only address devices with recorded activity and the surrounding area. 

“The targeted response reduces the contact needed on the property from the specialists,” he added.

Published: 30 July 2020