Syngenta heralds the launch of Talon Glow – Pest

Syngenta Professional Solutions said a new addition to the Talon rodenticide range is set to show operators’ quick results.

Talon Glow

Talon Glow has an integrated UV tracer that reveals when target pests have been successfully treated. The highly palatable pasta-based bait is supplied in easy to use sachets.

Daniel Lightfoot, business manager at Syngenta Professional Solutions, said: “Talon Glow offers a new level in precision targeting pests from Syngenta. The level of rodent faeces showing the UV tracer after treatment enables operators to identify when populations of rats and mice have taken bait – thereby only baiting for the appropriate time” 

Containing the same single-feed brodifacoum active across the Talon range, the new formulation gives complete resistance breaking control for challenging rodent populations, Mr Lightfoot said.

Launching the product ready for the autumn rodenticide season, he said the technology is an important step in the effective stewardship and best use of brodifacoum baits. 

“The UV tracer is a useful tool to give confidence in the results, and to demonstrate to customers how effective Talon Glow has been,” Mr Lightfoot said.

  • More information about Talon Glow is available in the Pest Innovations Supplement, which will be published and downloadable on this website from Wednesday (October 21).

Published: 19 October 2020



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