Syngenta PPM launches videos to promote Advion Ant and Cockroach Gels – Pest

Syngenta Professional Pest Management has launched a series of YouTube videos to promote its Advion Ant and Cockroach Gels.

Syngenta film screenDaniel Lightfoot, UK business manager of Syngenta Professional Pest Management, said: “Advion Ant and Cockroach Gels baits contain a non-repellent active ingredient called indoxacarb, which causes a delay in ant and cockroach mortality. This delay in mortality is key as it allows the insect to consume the bait and return to its harbouring site or colony to contaminate other ants and cockroaches before dying.

With cockroaches, this occurs through the live cockroaches feeding off the faeces, secretions and even the remains of the dead cockroaches in harbourage, leading to additional control.

To watch the video, click HERE.

Published: 17 July 2020

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