Are Asian tiger mosquitos headed for the UK? – Pest

With rising temperatures across the UK signalling the beginning of summertime, there are concerns that Asian tiger mosquitos may be heading to the UK.

Asian tiger mosquito

The Independent reported that in France, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) has become established in some regions, and more than 57 districts in the country have issued warnings over the disease-carrying insects.

The UK is home to around 30 different types of mosquito, some of which can bite, leaving itchy marks on the skin.

The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive insect that is native to the tropical areas of South-east Asia from which it derives its name.

It was accidentally introduced to Europe in the 1970s and has since become established in some parts of the continent such as Italy and France. The Asian tiger mosquito is around four times larger than a normal mosquito and carries diseases such as dengue fever and Zika virus.

Published: 28 May 2020

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