Bayer appoints new sales manager to lead Digital Pest Management – Pest

Bayer has appointed a new sales manager, Gary Nicholas, to lead its latest offering to the pest control sector, Digital Pest Management.

Bayer – Gary Nicholas 410x 291Starting his career as a trainee technician for a pest control company in Lancashire, Mr Nicholas has been involved in the industry for many years and, as a result, understands the needs of pest controllers.

He said: “For the last 20 years, I’ve built up a strong network across the sector, working closely with facility and building managers as a sales account manager.

“I’m now looking forward to working with the Bayer team who are continuously striving for innovation within the pest control industry.”

In his new role, Mr Nicholas will be working with the Bayer pest team to lead the commercialisation of its Digital Pest Management system.

“Digital Pest Management will be a revolutionary tool for pest controllers so it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the team driving this forward,” he said.

Published: 26 November 2020



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