Bayer Environmental Science’s Pest Management and Public Health business unit is collaborating with Woodstream. The collaboration will enable Woodstream’s Victor VLINK rodent traps to function with the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System platform.

The Bayer Rodent Monitoring System allows for sensors to be retrofitted on multi-catch traps, snap traps and bait stations to offer service providers the flexibility to use existing multi-catch, snap traps and bait stations. VLINK offers an all-in-one sensor and tunnel trap design for mice and rats. When combined, the two technologies can offer pest management professionals (PMPs) the best of both worlds.

“Relying on our rich history of world class engineering and a deep understanding of the unique needs of PMPs, we developed VLINK, a cutting edge remote notification system that offers effective, versatile, and dependable control,” said Ashley Brown, senior director for Commercial Pest Control at Woodstream.

With digital rodent monitoring systems, PMPs can spend less time checking empty traps and more time focusing on deeper integrated pest management inspection, delivering a more proactive, higher value service to their customers.

“This is an important advance in electronic monitoring for pests,” said Peter Jardine, head of marketing & strategy for the Bayer Digital Pest Management team. “Collaborating with other strong forces in electronic monitoring allows for the development of premium innovations within our technology ecosystem and Woodstream’s — ensuring PMPs are getting top level products. VLINK will greatly complement what the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System can do for PMPs.”

PMPs can look forward more choice of rodent monitoring devices in Q1 2021, according to a news release from Bayer.

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