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Henry Mott, CEPA’s president, said the industry is utilising more advance data collection and the effective use of that data to improve practises. 

“This is fundamental in assuring the integrated pest management approach is always taken – prevention being the first step in this,” he said. “While much of a trained professional pest manager’s work consists of dealing with pest infestations themselves, it is the preventative aspect of their work which is making the most significant yet seldom visible contribution to society.”

Mr Mott said effective, professional pest management is vital to maintaining the European way of life, keeping urban environments free from pests, and indeed the diseases which they may carry as well as the physical damage they can cause. 

“Minimising the public health risk of pests is an essential aspect of our work, this is proven by our members’ relentless efforts on the ground,” he said. “For that reason, it is imperative that trained pest professional management is carried out and to achieve that recognition at the European level.”

Published: 23 October 2020