CPD assignment on behavioural resistance launched by the BPCA – Pest

The British Pest Control Association has launched a downloadable assignment on behavioural resistance, to help pest professionals keep up with their CPD.

BPCA CPD assignment graphicThe assignments are designed for those working in pest control who are looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of pest management subjects.

The new assignment, put together by BPCA’s training and technical teams, asks pest professionals to explain the differences between genetic and behavioural resistance in pests, and how you combat them.

You can view the instructions and download the assignment on the CPD assignment page of the BPCA website.

There’s no time scale for completing the assignments – you can work at your own speed and if you’re on BPCA Registered, you can submit them to us for review and CPD points allocation once finished.

The first assignment released is on the Edible Dormouse (Glis glis) and can be found HERE.

Your submission will be allocated CPD points based on the number of hours the assignment has taken you to complete, up to a maximum of four hours.

Published: 29 May 2020

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