PestFix awarded £108 million contract for PPE – Pest

Pest control business PestFix has been awarded a £108 million government contract to supply the National Health Service with personal protective equipment (PPE).

PestFix logoThe West Sussex-based business PestFix, which has net assets of £18,000, received the large contract in April when the Government was under increasing pressure to meet the demand for PPE.

Health Secretary announced last Saturday a plan to make face coverings compulsory in hospitals for all staff, visitors and outpatients from June 15.

The contract runs for 12 months.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We make no apologies for going above and beyond to protect staff and patients by sourcing PPE from a range of companies. As the public rightly expects, we are ensuring that our staff on the frontline are receiving the PPE they need.”

Published: 09 June 2020

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