EDISON, N.J. –  Voice for Pest, provider of telephone and call center solutions to the pest control industry, announced their delivery of TechMobile, a mobile communications service that allows PCOs to mobile-enable their company communications.

“If the PCO is going to provide Smartphones to their employees, why not have complete control over them,” says Tom Welsh, president of Voice for Pest. “Currently, all smartphone conversations between a technician/salesman and the customer are unknown to management unless they attempt to enforce a cumbersome and often unreliable mobile app. With TechMobile all business conversations from company smartphones flow through our phone system via the cellular voice channel. This means we can track, record, and report on the conversations as well as control the outbound caller ID and inbound routing.”

TechMobile uses standard Apple and Android devices and runs over the networks of multiple existing Tier 1 service providers. By controlling the cellular voice path, users can place calls from any smartphone app including their chosen Pest Software mobile app and the call will automatically route through the PCO System. 

TechMobile even supports dual-mode smartphones; if someone wants to use one smartphone for both personal calls and their business extension on one device. 

“We have the ability to use existing customer-owned smartphones or can provide new or used phones”, explains Jamie Boekholt, senior product development manager. “Also, we have integrations with most of the Pest Software CRM Systems including the ability to automatically post a note in the customer account after the call has ended, including TechMobile calls. Our customers simply love the ability to go to the CRM customer note if they need to listen to a smartphone conversation between a technician and a customer.”

In addition to phone conversations, Voice for Pest expects to soon be able to collect all business text conversations occurring on the smartphone and deliver them to the PCO as well.